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TrackMe NZ User Guides

See listed below the user learning modules and videos for TrackMe NZ devices and services.



Video Collection

Search our Video library on the use of inReach devices on our system.



Event Instructions

Check out how to use our devices for your next event, generic and event specific videos available.



Remote Worker Safety

See our smart Remote Worker systems in action with these videos from remote parts of NZL.



SALUS Portal Basics

Basic guide how to get started with the TrackMe NZ Device Management Portal.



inReach User Guide

Introduction on the use of a GARMIN inReach with TrackMe NZ


GARMIN Explorer 2

In-depth Details

Click and find the in-depth detail about your particular device and how it interacts with TrackMe NZ


Pro+ Monitoring

TrackMe Pro+ is a ground-breaking health and welfare monitoring system that allows employers to extend some of their key safety expectations that they have in their office, to workers working remotely.

Create the a fully monitored solution with backup of a New Zealand based 365/24/7 monitoring company.

Quick Start to Pro+

The Quick Start review for users of the TrackMe Pro + Welfare Monitoring System.


Field Worker Safety

Staff and Contractors using the GHS Corporate App and how to Start and Finish Tasks



Satellite Devices

Adding Satellite devices to TrackMe Pro+ and how they integrate into your tasks.



Team Leaders

How to manage your team members when in the field and react to alerts on the TrackMe Pro+ System



V-Button use

Module for the users of the handy V-Button which can monitor falls, as well as be a discreet Panic alarm



Pro+ Administrators

Administrator access and controls to help you manage yor organisation within TrackMe Pro+



Enterprise Access

Take TrackMe Pro+ to the next level with the ability to open up more Organisations and control access across a large Corporate or Government body. Able to be White labelled for customised delivery of your Safety Systems with all the benefits of a fully monitored system.


Plans to suit.

Whether you are a high user, weekend warrior, or born adventurer we have the tailored plan to connect your devices to the network.

Then you can allow your people to see exactly where you are and the fun you have been having.

Sharing your location is as easy as sending a message.