TrackMe Pro+

TrackMe NZ helps employers look after their staff wherever they are working.

A cloud-based safety solution that allows you to monitor the safety of your Lone Workers, in and out of coverage remotely.

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Why TrackMe Pro+?

The workplace is no longer just a brick and mortar building, it is wherever the staff of a business are working from. However, from an employment responsibility, an employer still needs to be able to know where their staff are and that they are OK.

TrackMe Pro+ is a ground-breaking health and welfare monitoring system that allows employers to extend some of their key safety expectations that they have in their office, to workers working remotely.

Desk worker ok

TrackMe Pro+ is as easier to use for an employee than the traditional sign-out whiteboard with visibility for the employer to know who is where, doing what, and for how long.
So, if you have staff working from home, traveling for work, working in the field you can answer that important question;

“where are my staff, and are they OK?”


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TrackMe Pro+ features

Satellite based tracking and messaging*, expands for teams from 2 - 20,000. Web portal for full visibility of all the staff in the field.

Pricing starts from $29.95/month

*requires satellite device and data plan from TrackMe NZ.

All prices in $NZD including GST where applicable


Global Coverage

Add extra users to enhance the ability to pool satellite devices*, allow admininstrators and team leaders to monitor their staff and communicate directly from the Web Portal.

*requires satellite device and data plan from TrackMe NZ



TrackMe Pro Monitor+

Create the a fully monitored solution with backup of a New Zealand based 365/24/7 monitoring company and direct connection to NZ Rescue services when needed.