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TrackMe NZ is in the business of keeping people safe, anywhere, anytime, and specifically in the outdoors in New Zealand.

When you are looking for a company to provide messaging and SOS satellite services in New Zealand, you want the company to be Gold Standard. TrackMe NZ has been providing these services in New Zealand for ten years. We are a locally owned, operated, and most importantly, locally developed company. We are the Gold Standard in New Zealand.

Satellite messaging and SOS devices can be bought from many retailers, but TrackMe NZ is the only company offering local registration for the satellite connection that makes the device work. Garmin, the company that makes many of the units offers a subscription, but they are based in the US. Registration through them may cause a delay to SOS messages sent from New Zealand as the message is triaged from their Response Centre to the New Zealand Search and Rescue services.

“Garmin can make your device talk; we can make it sing.” - Tony Glentworth (TrackMe Founder).

What do Our Customers say About Us?

TerraCat NZ:

“Our remote field service technicians maintain heavy equipment across the South Island from Kaikoura to Haast. We switched to Garmin InReach Explorer units, with monitoring by TrackMe. I now know where my team is 100% of the time. I can carry on with my day and if I get busy, my team are safely monitored by the awesome TrackMe team.” Martyn Shirtliff, Manager, TerraCat Nelson

Joanna Sharpe:

Joanna Sharpe is an ultra-endurance cyclist. “Whenever I’m out in nature, New Zealand conditions can change. From a cyclist’s perspective too, sometimes you have an altercation with traffic and the traffic is usually the winner. Knowing that if I need it, I can get help is just great peace of mind. I also have ability to contact people, give health check-ins and text people.”

Deane Parker:

Deane Parker’s passion is inspiring others by video storytelling. TrackMe NZ and their products provide a big supporting role.

Deane’s film, Kōpiko, takes you along for a ride on the stunning Kōpiko Aotearoa, a 1100-kilometer bikepacking route across New Zealand’s North Island. The audience can see the wonderful scenery, meet the locals, and share in the physical and mental challenges of the bikepacking adventure. Sponsored by TrackMe NZ, every participant carried a SPOT device which allowed them to be tracked. As well as the important safety aspect of knowing where each participant was and allowing them to call for help or advice when needed, it meant the cameraman knew where they were going to be able to film them. There are wonderful shots of bike riders climbing gravel roads towards the camera or sloshing past in the rain, which wouldn’t have happened without the tracking.

Victoria Bruce:

Victoria Bruce is sold on the idea of carrying a Garmin inReach 66i. She’s called for rescue with it twice. And neither time was for herself. Whilst walking the Te Araroa trail with her eight-year-old daughter Emily, Victoria twice used her inReach to call in medical assistance for other people. “I used my InReach 66i to contact the 24/7 support team at TrackMe NZ, explaining the situation as briefly as possible. They liaised with emergency services and asked some follow up questions. A decision was made to send a helicopter to transport the patient to Christchurch hospital.”

Victoria was really impressed with the speed and professionalism of emergency services as well as with the service from TrackMe NZ’s 24/7 support team. “They were there when we needed them and helped make a scary situation okay.”


We are here for our customers with a 24/7 Call Centre and have much knowledge and experience within our team. We know our devices, but we also know the New Zealand backcountry, its conditions, and the sorts of things people are doing out there. As an organisation, TrackMe NZ has been built around being innovative, solution, and customer focused. We provide a broad range of devices and services to the widest range of people, companies, and organisations within New Zealand and around the world.

We have many points of difference from our competitors, including, but not limited to:

• Faster SOS responses
• A dedicated New Zealand 24/7 Response Centre
• Better message delivery

  • Dedicated individual SMS numbers
    • 24-Month Warranty (12 months longer than Garmin)
    • Excellent customer support
    • An innovative Pro App
    • Event tracking capacity
    • Multi-device mapping
    • API Feeds to third-party pages
    • The Pro+ Health and Welfare Monitoring system
    • The largest inReach hire fleet in Australasia

    Device Cluster


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