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TrackMe NZ Solutions

The solution should fit the need

At TrackMe NZ we are more than just satellite devices and tracking. We look at the clients needs for communication, data collection, and staff monitoring before we recommend a solution. To us it is about the people that we interact with daily, allowing them to safely return home at the end of each day to the people in their life that matter.

Connecting Teams
Connecting Teams
Worldwide Coverage
Worldwide Coverage
Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment

We support people just like you

Our customer base draws from a wide variety of organisations, occupations, and demanding environments. With dual band coverage in cellular and satellite systems we can provide the coverage you have been looking for.

Always Safe, Anywhere, Anytime

For a Triple "A" Safety promise

With Global Rescue services, a 24/7 TRACKME Response Centre and on call staff, you could not be in safer hands. Easy contact for fast quoting of your system and knowledgeable, experienced staff who rely on the same system you will use.

24/7 Services
Free Cost Estimation
Free Quotes
Competitive Costs
Competitive Costs

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