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COMVITA NEW ZEALAND LIMITED have been bee keeping since 1974. They produce Manuka Honey, Nature’s Most Powerful Honey.

Sustainably harvested from the pristine forests of New Zealand, Comvita Certified UMF™ Raw Manuka Honey is revered around the world for its unique wellness benefits


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Richard White, Comvita’s operations manager for Manuka Forests, explains why they use the "TrackMe Pro+ Welfare Monitoring system".

"The system is easy to use and provides us with the visibility that allows us to know who is where, doing what, and for how long.

When we have staff in the field the 24/7 Call Centre allows us to carry on with our other work and just be notified when we need to be.

We are also able to proactively monitor our people in case assistance is required. Being able to track the communications through the online portal allows us to give guidance to staff using the system to ensure their safety. 

We are planning to roll out the system to other teams within the company."


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