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Tony - Chief Thinking Guy

The Chief Thinking Guy, Tony is the company founder and owner. He works primarily in the South Island but can often be seen all over NZ and Australia.

Some facts

Age: Just over 50

Family: Wife, daughter & dog

Lives: Christchurch

Supports: Canterbury and anyone playing Australia

Interests: Everything outdoors, tried most things and when wife/work allows, will go fishing, hunting (bow & rifle), camping, mountain biking, kayaking, and scuba diving.

Work: Now the Chief Thinking Guy for TrackMe NZ, in charge of product development and customer relations. Tony has previously been a development manager for plastering companies and a solutions provider with Excel based software. Tony has also been an International Tennis Umpire with an ITF Silver Referee's badge that has seen him work at Wimbledon, the Australian Open, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, and 30 Davis Cup Ties in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Tony is passionate about providing safety in the outdoors. "Too many times I see a fatality in the back country and I know that, if they were using our gear, the outcome could have been a lot different. Getting you home safe and sound is a priority and drives a lot of what I do." Tony also enjoys the quiet times on the banks of a river flicking a lure out, knowing that fishing can be 98% anticipation and 2% action, but that's ok. He enjoys the serenity that the outdoors offers. "The real quiet times are when you are alone with your dog on top of a ridge, or diving into the cool waters to collect a feed of crayfish, or scallops, or gliding through the clouds. Flying is something I have put on hold since leaving the Air Force in 1985 but, I'm now reliving again with our company's strong ties to Gliding NZ through our tracking and message platform." Tony has had a couple of medical setbacks in the last five years, cancer and two broken legs, but he wants to explore more, fish more, laugh more, and spend some quality time with his wife, daughter, and dog around New Zealand.

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