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NZ Secondary Schools Rogaine Championships


2021RelayKidsRunningTrackMe NZ is proudly supporting The New Zealand Secondary Schools Rogaine Championships that are being held on Saturday 16 July 2022 in New Plymouth. The event will be located inland from Eltham at Mangamingi, Taranaki approximately an hour out of New Plymouth. The terrain ranges from river flats to steep hills with a mixture of farmland, native bush and forest sections. There will be some climbing. There are Championship and non-championship events for students from Years 7 and 8 through to Year 13, with three and six hour categories.

Rogaining is a cross-country navigation sport similar to orienteering, that requires competitors to visit as many control sites as they can within a set time limit. Rogaining is popular with people who do adventure racing, and it also often has a social aspect. Everyone starts at the same time, and generally finishes at the same time, it is just the amount of ground that has been covered by teams that differs.

Each team tries to find control flags on the course which are given different scores depending on location and difficulty to find. Like orienteering, rogaining is sometimes referred to as cunning running. Strategy plays a big part in collecting the most points versus the shortest distance, as the winner is determined by the highest score.

TrackMe is supporting the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rogaining Championships as we are focused on people having safe and fun adventures. Rogaining is a mix of navigation, adventure, strategy and fun. Add the fact that the event is for young people and TrackMe saying, ‘Yes we can support this,’ was easy.

TrackMe will be supporting the event by providing teams with the latest inReach Mini2 trackers and communicators and an event map. In addition to this, the event organisers will also use a variety of other hardware to help them ensure that they able to track and support competitors during the day. David Tait, who in addition to working for TrackMe, is also an experienced Adventure Event Manager will be helping at the event.

Other Youth Events that TrackMe help support are the TrackMe GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race (2022 NZSSARC), The Hillary Challenge and the GET2GO. TrackMe NZ has a long history of supporting Youth and Adventure and we love seeing youth being challenged, learning and growing through adventure.



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