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GO-4-12 is proudly supported my TrackMe

The TrackMe.Life Go-4-12 Adventure Race was launched in 2006 by a group of Outdoor enthusiasts and youth advocates who felt that the Adventure Racing format to positively impact youth. The GO-4-12 is proudly supported my TrackMe New Zealand and the Satellite Tracking and Communication that TrackMe provide the event is a key element of the events safety and success.

The vision that underpins the event is to challenge and grow young people through a quality adventure race, that will inspire trust, teamwork and self-belief in an environment that embodies and promotes holistic growth and healthy competition. The twelve-hour event is designed to challenge competitors perseverance, teamwork and to stretch them both mentally and physically.

The original race was twelfth hours long, but there are now three events and all targeting a different age group and experience level. The 3 Hour Explorer is designed to be a fun introduction to Adventure Racing and can be achieved by any kid of any fitness, the focus is on fun and will have lots of stationary challenges.  The 6 Hour Adventure event is more physically demanding than the 3 hour and provides a bridge into the 12 Hour Event and was developed as it was identified that the 12 hour was a bit daunting for many competitors.

All teams must be capable, confident and equipped at being away from any support crew for extended periods, but the TrackMe devices services offers an amazing oversight to the race organisers. “Our vision from the outset was to have an event where the youth were making their own decisions and were away from adults. There is great value in youth being in charge as they learn as they go, but this adds a challenge to the safety management of the teams. We try to design the course and activities to allow for, rest periods, offer linear features to follow while navigating and other management strategies. What had been missing for the years before TrackMe came on board was the ability to see where the teams were, message teams if needed and have them contact us is support was needed. We have lots of examples of how the TrackMe devices and system have not only helped us manage the event back also give team managers (teachers, parents and coaches) the reassurance that teams have the support to race safely without adult chaperones.” – David Tait said

Teams are starting to enter the event and all three events will be held on the weekend commencing Friday 16 September 2022. 

  • 3 hour event takes place on Saturday
  • 6 hour event takes place on Friday and Saturday
  • 12 hour event takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The 2022 GO-4-12 will be based in Tutira, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand and based at Guthrie Smith Outdoor Education Centre.

It could be said that the Hastings District is an overlooked adventure playground that offers active people incredible tramping, kayaking, mountain biking, rafting and so much more. But when the adventure is over the Hasting District also offers great places to visit, stay and eat and the food and hospitality are famously good.  To find out what is on in the Hastings District visit       

The 12-hour teams will all be carrying GARMIN inReach Satellite Trackers and the 6 Hour teams will be carrying Spot Trackers. In addition to the safety aspects of the devices will allow friends and family can follow them live.



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