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TWALK - 27/28 April 2024



TrackMe Adventure is proud to sponser the Canterbury University Tramping Clubs annual TWALK event for 2024!

TWALK is a 24hr orienteering rogaine event featuring crazy costumes, good banter, barely any sleep, and a taste of some of the best scenery Canterbury region has to offer.

Teams are dropped off in a mystery location and have 24 hours to race around a course made up of 5 legs, centered around a base of operations called the ‘Hash House’ that features music, a live scoreboard, and a kitchen of volunteer chefs cooking hot food round the clock.

The 5 legs vary in length anywhere from 10km to 20km, and it is completely optional which checkpoints teams wish to attempt, with a mandatory 30 minute grace period at the Hash House between each leg.

Join us on Saturday 27th April when our teams hit the ground running and follow the tracking page below:

TWALK LIVE Tracking Page






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