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TerraCAT Nelson uses TrackMe Pro+

Scott Trusler - Field Technician Supervisor, Terra CAT Nelson

Our remote field service technicians maintain heavy equipment across the South Island from Kaikoura to Haast. Anyone familiar with this region will know that cell reception is patchy at best and often non-existent.

As a supervisor, I was frequently waiting for the “I’m home” call late into the evenings, stressing and hoping my guys were safe. Wives were worried when husbands didn’t arrive home at the planned time. It wasn’t a happy situation for anyone. Simply put, the system we were using ticked all the safety boxes but just didn’t work for us.

We switched to Garmin inReach Explorer units, with monitoring by TrackMe NZ. I now know where my team is 100% of the time. I can carry on with my day and if I get busy, my team is safely monitored by the awesome TrackMe Response Centre.

We realised many incidents came about when a curveball was encountered during a job and, with no communication, our techs were under pressure to make impromptu plans. Now, with the inReach devices, our techs can communicate with us from anywhere at any time. We can make new plans, keep customers in the loop, relieve that pressure and allow techs to work safely.

Best of all, the devices are easy to use so our techs are happy using them. As the TrackMe Response Centre team follow up every missed check-in, the techs have real faith someone is watching over them.

I just want my team home safely at the end of the job, and I feel we are offering them the very best support with the TrackMe Pro+ system.

Scott Trusler
Field Technician Supervisor
Terra CAT Nelson

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