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Focus Point International Global Overwatch

Find out about the exciting new relationship between Focus Point International and TrackMe NZ giving world wide SOS & Emergency Response coverage for TrackMe customers that explore the globe.

The Global Overwatch & Rescue Plan by FocusPoint International, Inc. is a search and rescue service where you are provided with 24/7 SOS alert monitoring by the Crisis Response Center, access to on-demand assistance and a number of Medical and Security Benefits should you experience an emergency while you're on the move.

FocusPoint International is a global assistance company in the critical event management space.

FocusPoint is in the business of identifying and illuminating possible threats, mitigating risks, and responding to crises events impacting people and organizations on the move. Leveraging intelligence-driven, proprietary technology solutions, the company specializes in the full provision of location-based device monitoring and escalation services, medical and security evacuation services, and crisis response services in support of specialty risk insurance products.

As a global company with 16 offices on 5 continents and over 5,000 proprietary and vetted personnel, FocusPoint is well positioned to deliver an integrated suite of products and services that address the growing concern of blended threats, financial loss, mobility and reputational risks of multinational organizations, government agencies, high net-worth individuals and families, non-governmental organizations, and business, student, adventure and leisure travelers.

For more click here to visit their home page - Focus Point International


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