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ZOLEO, the unique Satellite Communicator that will pass your message through mobile coverage, Wi-Fi or Satellite all from the one app, has partnered with TrackMe NZ. The ZOLEO units are now able to be sold and connected with the support of TrackMe NZ and can work in conjunction with all of our other devices. This means that you can now seemlessly communicate across a number of devices, all on the one platform and on one account with TrackMe NZ.

The ZOLEO device has some great features, like long battery life, dedicated SOS and check in functions directly on the device as well as being really easy to share amongst your friends and family or co-workers. Probably the biggest feature is their price point, at under $400 NZD they really are a cost effective satellite communication device.

Buy now at the TrackMe NZ Store and get $50 off when you connect.




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