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Tom Anderson 210km run

Currently at 25yrs old, I’m head shepherd at Argyle Station located near Waikaia, Northern Southland.

Born and raised on a farm, agriculture is a continuing pursuit for me. It's all too common for young fellas, like myself, to abuse the booze as a solution to incurring problems. Not only is this a short-term fix but can be devastating in the long run.

It has always been a struggle for me to flick off from the passion and take a breath, hence why over the last couple of years I have taken up running in order to time out and refresh the top 2 inches. It's all about doing something different from the everyday hustle that can make a change in our lives.

Movember is a charitable organisation whose funds proceed to go towards 1250 charities globally that have charge to make a difference in our lives and men's health. Charities such as Farm Strong, a support system that I believe is essential, especially during the pressures our rural communities are being put under with our current and future government policies.

To generate public awareness and raise money towards support organisations that help keep us on our own two feet, I'm going to tackle a massive undertaking.
On Friday, December 2nd, I will be running 210 km from Waikaia to Wanaka, nonstop. Pretty left field from my everyday job, but I'm wanting to make a difference within both the rural and urban sectors.

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