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Yes that's right the ol story of NZ being no more than 2 degrees of separation doesn't quite stack up on the 2 Degrees network.

We have no problem delivering our text messages to 2 Degrees phones, but for some reason 2 Degrees loses the replies.

It would be fine if it was every reply, but its not, sometimes they will do it if you have a business account or a 2 Degrees 022 number. If you have a ported number (one you have brought with you from Spark or Vodafone) then you have almost no chance.

So if you want one of our smart Dedicated SMS numbers so people can send you a message direct to your inReach, make sure to test it first with all your important people.

We do include our new mapping in every message so you can send a message from there, or we give you a smart App called TrackMe Pro which you can also connect and monitor multiple devices. For managers or mum's with lots of Whanau on the East Coast, where we have supported a number of organisations in the last few weeks, the TrackMe Pro app is fantastic for keeping everyone safe (works on iOS or Android on tablets and phones via Wifi or data).


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