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Many of you would have seen the program TRACKED which aired on TV3 and is now available on-demand. If you watched the show closely you would have seen our inReach Mini 2 devices were utilised quite heavily to bring the show to life and allow the timely saving of some teams who were about to be found. Tony, our Chief Thinking Guy, spent the best part of 8 weeks on the road with this last year during May and June. He was the technical advisor and supplier of some of the more clever ways to use satellite tracking and comms for filming and helping the TRACKERS trying to find the teams. Live 3D tracking along with some cool reveals when needed (snitching on your opponent) allowed this program to be the success it was.

This year Tony has just returned from working with Channel 7 Australia who have a new program called "Ultimate Escape" (see the trailer here)

This was a 7-week ordeal that covered from Milford Sound to "somewhere in the North Island" and for every day he was on set he used the TrackMe Pro+ system to keep him safe. There is already talk of season 2 and using the same system to keep all of the production staff and crew safe. This would be over 90 people using both phone and satellite devices as well as digital radio comms. If you would like to know how this can be part of your safety then check out the link below.


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